All systems installed by 4ward offer varying degrees of remote monitoring and support. Our full system offering allows the 4ward team to monitor your system in real time. We will receive notifications of system faults before you know about them. In many cases our system will able the team to remotely repair the fault. Alternatively we will schedule a convenient time and dispatch the correct resource to fix your system onsite.


Just like having your pool maintained, windows cleaned regularly or garden serviced, your system requires regular care. System devices collect dust which ultimately affects performance. This equipment also requires regular firmware uploads to ensure that it is working in an optimal state at all times. Equipment also requires regular replacement of consumable parts such as batteries, ventilation fans and lamps. Most important….You want your system to operate with uninterrupted service. The SLA is highly recommended for all our clients in all our sectors.


We offer the client 2 Service Level Options: Preemptive maintenance and Reactive technical support. The value of effective technical support cannot be underestimated as many systems installed by ELV can be regarded as Critical Services and therefore “downtime” is not an option. Clients are happy to pay for the comfort of knowing that there is a skilled team that will get a system up and running in the shortest time. Critical Systems include: Networks, Security, Lighting and Communication.


–  Unlimited telephonic support between 7am and 8pm all days of week excluding Sunday
– 1 x Scheduled preventative maintenance check per month for 12 month period
– 4ward will cover the cost of removal of faulty product 4ward will cover the cost of courier and shipping of faulty product to supplier and back
– 4ward will supply same or similar replacement product during repair period -Reduced Service Rates
– Equipment not covered by guarantee will be repaired at reduced cost to client
– Cost of consumables required will be supplied to the client at cost price.
– Firmware updates will be done free of charge if and when required.