Technical coordination, project management, installation and commissioning.

How we work

  • 1. Discovering Our Clients Needs

    To properly understand our clients needs and requirements takes time. We take this step in our 6 part process very seriously as the results ultimately determine whether we meet or fall short of our clients expectations. Only once we are confident that we are aligned with our clients expectations do we proceed to Design.

  • 2. design the solution

    Design Development is the process whereby we allocate technical resources to ensuring that the system designed works as intended. It is vital at this stage to ensure that the designed solution accommodates the clients dream, architectural layouts, aesthetic requirements and budget parameters. Depending on the project, we often engage the services of one of our partners, Flowit.

  • 3. We’ll Refine And Tailor Each Project

    We work with a variety of systems and in many cases the same systems are used across multiple projects. This is where it is important to refine and tailor each solution to ensure a uniquely bespoke result.

  • 4. Implementation

    The design has been signed off and all the theoretical work is complete. It is now time to get teams to site, project manage and technically coordinate with the other service providers onsite. This is time consuming and messy work requiring a high level of expertise, experience, patience and magic.

  • 5. Project success evaluation

    Ongoing quality control forms part of the Project Management process. Evaluating if the installation meets clients requirements and 4ward’s promise is the final test. Snagging and tweaking a system after a lengthy construction process with a fatigued client and exhausted team is tricky. A keen eye for detail, sensitivity and patience is required at this stage to close out the project correctly.

  • 6. Service / support

    We are done…...or are we? Long after architects and contractors have packed up, left site and become distant memories, we are still assist clients with service calls, upgrades and changes. We rely on our partners at Service+ to manage this service for us. Service+ adopt a proactive philosophy of “fix first”. They achieve this by using remote network agents, installed onsite, to monitor your system in real-time. System problems are sent automatically to the Service+ team. Remote or onsite action is then scheduled. Service+ offers a variety of plans and SLA.

Foundational Principles

Principles that we build every project on. They infiltrate everything we do so that our projects always go above and beyond client expectations.


Engineering processes and procedures meeting global standards.


High-end design in-line with international standards.

System Scalability

Modular technology built to last with safety in mind.

Brand Variety

We select the best in class high quality products for each project.

Easy to use

Intuitive, user-friendly systems that are easy to operate.


Smart spaces customized to our clients unique needs.

Our Collaborators

Our team of collaborators that we work with to provide our clients with a holistic end-to-end service experience.

Consultation and design services.

Remote management and support.