Technological advancements combined with the correct application ensure that homes and buildings are safer, more comfortable and more energy efficient. 4ward-design is an authority in this field and specialises in the practical merging together of technologies over an optimised platform. 4ward-design is Brand Agnostic enabling us to produce objective system designs based specifically on our clients’ unique requirements. Our end-to-end solutions include the following:

Audio Video

Our audio and video systems and expertise can be applied across a variety of markets. Most notably: Residential, Commercial and Hospitality.

  • Residential:
    Audio system design includes a wide range of solutions ranging from basic audio distribution systems, lifestyle media solutions up to high end dedicated THX certified and Dolby ATMOS cinemas
  • BOSE
  • Video distribution systems include standard definition, HD distribution and IP. Media streaming services can be setup and configured by our team offering the client a wide range of services including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu etc. Locally installed media storage solutions are also available if requested
  • Commercial / Professional:
    Commercial solutions include Real Presence HD Video Conferencing, Augmented reality simulation, Boardroom and Amphitheatre design, digital signage and translation systems. Audio systems, video walls and welcome screens for the hospitality and retail market are in high demand.

Controllable Lighting

Controllable lighting solutions enhance the level of security and comfort to any property. A must have requirement for the Green Conscious developer where energy saving and metering are important criteria.

  • High end residential Villas
    Large high-end homes include many lighting circuits. Typically each circuit would be controlled via a separate switch. This however becomes impractical as the home would include hundreds of switches. Our lighting solutions utilise a combination of bus-based keypads and bell presses that minimise the number of switches that would be required to operate a home successfully. The system can be controlled via smart phones and tablets and include a variety of energy management and security features
  • Commercial
    Installing new energy optimised lighting solutions enables the flexibly required for multi-tenanted building. Our lighting systems range from intelligent basement parking solutions that activate on motion through to individual offices and studios. Our solution is applicable to new developments and retro-fit installations on existing buildings

Building Management Systems

Developers and facility managers’ demand for comfort, versatility and ease of use in the management of HVAC, lighting, security and access control systems is growing. At the same time, the efficient use of energy is becoming increasingly important. More convenience and safety coupled with lower energy consumption can only be achieved through intelligent control and monitoring of all systems installed. As KNX certified partners our system designs ensure lowest energy expenditure per device and meet our client’s requirements. Our intelligent systems can be setup to provide facilities managers and owners with dashboards providing critical information such as system errors and faults. This ensures limited downtime via a proactive approach.

Control & Integration

Our expertise in merging and integrating various types of systems is based on 18 years of in-field experience. Continual training ensures that we remain abreast of current and future trends. We are Certified Crestron, KNX, Lutron and Control4 Partners. Applications include:

  • High-end residential Villas: Integrating systems such as security, lighting, HVAC, audio, video, communication, shade control and metering systems has become a necessity at the high end of the residential market.
  • Commercial: Professional AV and Video Conference solutions are difficultly to operate via legacy remote controls. Our solution integrates these components and offers the user full automated control via intuitive touch screens. High definition video conferencing with 6 remote parties including data collaboration is made easy using automation. Furthermore audio, lighting and microphone systems operate in a harmonious manner.


We are specialist in the design and implementation of high-end security systems. Our qualified team can deliver a complete and comprehensive system that is easy to use, offering top-end security that will meet the needs of both developers and end users. We specialise in:

  • Security system design and consultation
  • Early warning perimeter detection
  • Intrusion detection – close proximity internal and external systems
  • CCTV systems – both IP and Analogue
  • Analytical camera solutions – both optical and thermal
  • Full integration of the security into home automation systems
  • Accessibility from mobile devices facilitating off-site monitoring
  • Scalability of systems – our architecture focuses on strong infrastructure, allowing for system expansion over time if required.

Access Control and VOIP Telephony

Our access control systems are available as simple standalone solutions or integrated to control systems and VOIP telephony. Merging VOIP telephony with SIP enabled Access Control systems is an ideal way to optimize and enhance a user’s experience. From a VOIP telephone handset a user can provide access to the property eliminating the need for additional indoor intercom stations throughout the property.

Unified Managed Networks and Wireless

Converged ICT/ELV solutions require robust networks. At 4ward-design our Structured Fiber and Copper certified networks form the backbone of any robust solution. Our network solutions meet real-world end-user demands where secure high-speed connectivity is vital. All systems installed are enterprise grade and comply with the KRONE TE Cabling Standard. Applications include:

  • Mixed use developments
  • Housing estates
  • High end residential Villas
  • Hospitality