Once the Bill Of Quantities and the Scope of Works has been established and signed off, our Project Implementation Process begins.

End-User Requirement analysis
Our team makes contact with the relevant project professionals and sub-contractors working on the project. A Kick off meeting is setup where introductions, responsibilities, work flow process and project schedule is discussed. These technical coordination meetings are vital and are held regularly throughout the project schedule.
Functional design specification
Important project milestones are established at our technical coordination meetings. These Milestones relate to requirements that need to be met by specific dates and by who. This forms the beginnings of our ongoing project management process.
Technical design specification
We place as much emphasis on Financial Project Management as we do any other aspect of our process. Procurement, shipping and logistics, liability insurance, risk management, change control and ensuring that the hardware ordered is delivered on time and at the accepted price are just some of the functions performed during this process.
Our project managers plan, manage and instruct our teams when to implement the various phases of installation ranging from 1st fit cable runs, testing and terminations, hardware installations and final fit. All installations meet global best practice standards and are of the highest quality.
A large % of programming can be done off site. The final 30% of programming will however be done onsite and once all equipment has been successfully installed. Calibration of Audio and Video systems can now take place. This is the final step in system optimisation where the team ensures that each device or system delivers optimal performance dependant on a variety of factors such as acoustics, light levels and heating requirements.
Commissioning and testing takes place and forms part of quality control procedure. Once complete a final handover to client is arranged. On handover the client is presented with a project file including relevant information in digital and print format. Information includes: System Program, Line Diagram Schematics, User Manual and Technical Support Contact Details.